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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Nengajo
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:: Nengajo ::


  1. Bearman

    I always wonder when I get cards back and can’t seem to reach the person. I tend to feel slighted.

  2. Nate Fakes

    Holiday cards always feel like one of those things you really don’t want to do but have to, however - at the end of all the hassle, they feel worth it. No clue why!

  3. John K

    I don’t think I have ever gotten a christmas card….. I suddenly feel very sad….

  4. dgriff13

    LOL! God, this is so, so true. “Happy Holidays, I am assuming you are not dead yet.”

    So, New years cards, eh? Interesting. I just get drunk, make resolutions I’ll never keep, and regret everything later.

  5. George

    I think she wins with that one. :D

  6. DadaHyena

    Hey! Having someone acknowledge your existence means a lot, especially if you’re a degenerate outcast like…uh…like some other person I know.


  7. David

    It’s important to be in people’s minds. You just never know when they’re going to write their will. :)

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  9. SpilledInkGuy

    I made my own card this year … a great idea considering we’re normally so late mailing them as it is. Maybe I’ll get this batch sent by the end of next year. But probably not. :(

  10. Remy

    So is this a case of giri?

  11. Woodsman

    I was nigh “religious” sending out holiday cards and then I stopped one year and I missed it. I’m already planning next year’s card and I just finished mailing them out.

  12. speearr

    Happy New Year 2010 to you Chris and to your family too sorry for the lack of punctuation running out of time in my timezone here lol

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  14. Chris

    Bearman: As slighted as if you posted a comment and the recipient didn’t respond in a timely fashion…? :}
    Nate: I think it’s that sense of accomplishment. Checking things off lists releases powerful endorphins.
    John: Maybe next year, Charlie Brown! ;)
    dgriff13: Ah, I see you celebrate the time-tested American version of the holiday.
    George: When doesn’t she?
    DadaHyena: Hey, you could always send yourself a card–at least you know you’d appreciate the sentiment!
    David: Ah, true!
    SpilledInk: It’s the thought that counts. Your cards will say: “We thought of you… last year.” :)
    Remy: Absolutely!
    Woodsman: Just finished mailing out next year’s card?! You and SpilledInk need to confer and meet in the middle :)
    speearr: You too, and many thanks for all the support in 2009!

  15. alecho

    Ooooh! the Nengajo!!! Haven’t sent any since I moved here but maybe I should pick it up again :)

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