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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Stroll
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:: Stroll ::


  1. Bearman

    Don’t worry about him. He can’t even get his buttons on straight.

  2. Chris

    He does look like he’s indulged in a few too many eggnogs, doesn’t he…

  3. John K

    frosty always knows what really lurks in mans hearts.

  4. Dan Long

    Nice one! I love the scenery.

  5. DadaHyena

    Ohhh, the GUILT….the SHAME….this is going to be a rough Christmas!

  6. Paul

    Obviously the deer is fine. It stole Mr. Snowman’s carrot nose! :D

  7. dgriff13

    those damn judgmental snowmen…

  8. SpilledInkGuy

    Kinda’ smug for a guy who can’t take the heat! :)

  9. David

    That’s one cold-hearted snow man!

  10. Chris

    John: I believe you’re thinking of Alec Baldwin.
    Dan: Thanks! It was a refreshing change of pace.
    DadaHyena: In some families, guilt and shame come gift-wrapped under the tree regardless…
    Paul: Aha! Let’s look for incriminating hoof prints.
    dgriff13: Oh, they’re all like that. Think they’re such hot stuff.
    SpilledInk: LOL. :) Oh, his day is coming…
    David: I think his heart may be three sizes too small.

  11. DadaHyena

    @Chris I know that for a fact…I’m Catholic!

  12. Chris


  13. David

    Santa’s lookin’ a bit too happy. ;)

  14. David

    Oops I mean’t Frosty… got to keep ‘em straight. Frosty’s the one without clothes.

  15. George

    Somebody stole his nose, too. :)

  16. alecho

    I heard that in certain states, you can keep the deer you hit. true?

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