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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Shoryuken
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  1. cr0wgrrl

    VERY well done. I grew up in an area with a lot of deer — in a fight of deer vs. car, there are no winners.

  2. Chris

    Thanks, cr0wgrrl! No kidding. I get really jumpy behind the wheel this time of year…

  3. Tara

    Eeek, I know how this is, I grew up in a place where the deer outnumbered the people!

    Insane, but I love the concept :p

  4. Bearman

    I love Bakumas face in the first panel.

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Hehehe … they’re cute and cuddly until they wind up in your radiator! :)

  6. Chris

    You feel bad for the deer, but at the same time, you come to fear them…
    At least he didn’t break out his blue fireball.

  7. John k

    That last panel is just wonderful!!!

  8. JVB

    The new strip is awesome!!!

  9. Chris

    John: Thanks! I had a lot of fun with Colin in that panel.
    JVB: Thanks a bunch!

  10. Paul

    Uh oh! Was this just Round 1 though? FIGHT!

  11. George

    Wow! Game over.

  12. Chris

    I think it’s safe to say evil Bambi blew through both of Colin’s life bars with that punch.

  13. michelle

    Haha. Great comic. I’m a huge fan of Street Fighter 4 myself. My favorite character is Ryu!

  14. Chris

    Thanks, Michelle! I’ve always loved the great character designs in Street Fighter. (I was also always much more adept with a hadouken than any of the special moves from Mortal Kombat) :)

  15. speearr

    That’s a creative way to portray a deer collision…..
    wait, no airbags?

  16. mason010

    all i can say is FALCON PAWNCH!!!!

  17. alecho

    Really like this Street Fighter reference! Well done! :)

  18. Crash

    When I saw the first panel I read ‘Baka’ instead of Bakuma. It might be time for bed. Though I was wondering what fooling thing Colin was going to do.

    A moment of silence for the deer.

  19. Crash

    Oh?!? Are they playing janken?

  20. Puck

    I’ve only had one experience with a deer while /I/ was driving. Odd, because I’ve seen plenty others growing up…. Although I will admit the one experience I had was quite a thing to see! Luckily I was on curvy streets, so I was already going quite slowly…. I turned a corner, and in the middle of this tiny, narrow, hill road was a young buck. Maybe five feet away from me in total. I stopped and had enough time to think “Where did he COME from?” before a car came from the other direction and startled him…. So he leapt down what I swear looked like a twenty-foot, almost 90 degree drop. Over a fence, mind you. Into someone’s backyard. And just utterly vanished. It was really one of the most remarkable, beautiful experiences I’ve had. I probably would have sat in my car, idling, for twenty minutes trying to wrap my head around it all…. If there weren’t someone behind me. ;)

  21. suba suba

    shared amongst the twenty fortunate winners so you are incredibly lucky to become one among

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