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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Some Enchanted Evening
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  1. John k

    That’s what my life is like every night!

  2. Chris

    Tell me about it!

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    I have a tendency to hole up in my apartment hermit style, so that looks like a great night to me! :)

  4. David

    Hey, I feel that way too, and I don’t even have kids!

  5. George

    Hahaha! That’s exactly how my wife and I spend quality-time at home without the kids. Funny how it is when you get older. :D

  6. Nate Fakes

    Perfect (and cheap) date night!

  7. Tony

    Wow, you drew my life, stop spying on me!

  8. Bearman

    Look at all the toonists who became fuddy duddies after marriage.haha

  9. dgriff13

    I find my most romantic moments are during deep slumber myself.

  10. Dan Long

    Bearman, I’m still holding out! No sleep for me on weekends! Rawwwrrr!!!

  11. Bearman

    Dan that is funny b/c the weekends is the only time I do.

  12. Chris

    Sounds like none of us are alone in how we prefer to spend our “alone hours.” Is it because we’re cartoonists, married, or parents? Or all three?

  13. speearr

    Nice angle in the first panel.

  14. Chris

    Thanks! Getting bored with the 3/4 mid-shot.

  15. alecho

    Hahahahaha! That is how me and my gf’s date night is like! plus ice cream ;)

  16. ExPaladin

    They’re so cute. :)

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