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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Boogedy
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:: Boogedy ::


  1. John k

    I love the dialog in the first panel, absolutely wonderful

  2. Chris

    Thanks, John :)
    My son does this, but he’ll actually repeat the entire sentence until he gets the whole thing right. (I’d have run out of panel if I did that.)

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  4. George

    I think I’m gonna keep all my skeletons in the closet. :)

  5. Chris

    Bricked up in a wall is another popular, and less discoverable, option, George.

  6. dgriff13

    If you didn’t do such a great job with the Ring-spoof for Halloween, I would have suggest this storyline, too cute.

  7. SpilledInkGuy

    That looks like just like the fort that I made … er … I mean, that I USED to make in the living room! ;)

  8. Chris

    dgriff13: Thanks :) It’s never too late in the year for skeletons, right? :)
    Spilled Ink: I should mention that, in a bit of happy synchronicity, my son and I made forts just last night. He’s making another one now, as a matter of fact.

  9. speearr

    The moment of truth… now he knows what mom’s made of.

  10. Chris

    Wait’ll he learns about the muscular system…

  11. Luemas

    The thing about boarding them up in walls… is that if you kill a cat… you need to make sure it didn’t have nine lives.
    Otherwise the Meowing gets REALLY annoying…

    EAP is awesome.

  12. ExPaladin

    Hmm… Do we have a skeleton inside of us or are we the skeleton? :P

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