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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: The Wonders Inside
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  1. David

    Oh, Gawd! I remember those books. That kinda freaked me out. I swear I was in denial of the whole thing for years!

  2. George

    Those tell-all instruction manuals were scarier than Stephen King to me as a kid. :D

  3. John K

    just one more reason to stay away from the mirror.

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    I’m still amazed AND weirded out by inner human bits-n-such!

  5. Glen

    Am I the only person that found those books interesting as a kid?

  6. Chris

    I actually dug that stuff, too. I’ve always seemed to like pictures of skulls and skeletons. But that said, I had a friend with that “Visible Man” figure, and THAT was creepy. Skulls I can take, but the muscular and circulatory systems freak me right out. :)

  7. dgriff13

    yeah, there’s no way to explain that to a kid & have it not sound terrifying.

  8. Bearman

    Ha…the visible man was great. What about the book with the clear plastic pages that you turned the page to reveal more of the insides? First was the man, then his muscles, then organs, then bones.

  9. Chris

    dgriff13: Ever read Ray Bradbury’s “Skeleton”? :)
    Bearman: I don’t think I ever saw one of those, but it sounds keen! You know, for us morbidly inclined folks.

  10. David

    The kid’s got quite an active imagination already!

  11. Chris

    Definitely a double-edged sword!

  12. speearr

    Awesome expression from Sprout. Normally he has this ‘curious’ look on his face, it’s nice to see him shocked!

  13. Chris

    I’ll try to put him in more terrifying situation in the future :D

  14. Dan Long

    I love this one! Being obsessed with Halloween since I could grasp the concept, I always thought it was so cool, as a kid, that I had one of those scary and cool looking skeletons inside me. I still think it’s pretty cool, actually.

  15. alecho

    Kids and their imagination ;)

  16. Ethalina

    @Bearman: Oh, I love those kinds of books! And I agree with @SpilledInkGuy, the more you learn about our body, the more scared/amazed you’ll get.

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