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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Pin-Pon
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:: Pin-Pon ::


  1. John k

    That is just WAY uncool

  2. George

    Hahaha! I do the same thing to my wife. We must lead very similar married lives.

  3. Chris

    John: That’s what being married is all about! ;)
    George: Except that, based on some of your comments, I’d gather our roles are reversed in our relationships :)

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    Hehehe - better be careful … that doorbell looks like it could ’splode! :)

  5. dgriff13

    this is SUCH a married-life moment.

  6. speearr

    This could lead to scarring…

  7. Samantha

    BWAHAhahahaha… I can SO see Michael and I having that same moment. Cute cute!

  8. Samantha

    Also, I like how she says, “Pin-Pon.”

  9. bearman

    Is pin-pon the Japanese version of ding-dong??

  10. Chris

    Spilled Ink: “Your head a’splode.”
    dgriff13: Maybe it’s the inevitable revenge for grade-school boys who yanked on the hair of girls they liked…
    speearr: Emotionally or physically?
    Samantha & Bearman: Thanks :) And yep, “pin-pon” is how “ding-dong” (or “bingo,” for that matter) is expressed in Japanese. See, I larned ya somthin’!

  11. alecho

    simple but very cute comic :)

  12. Chris

    Thanks, Alecho! It’s been fun watching you comment your way through the archives. :)

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