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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Saccharintastic
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  1. speearr

    I have the same feeling everytime I walk by one of those shops selling potpourri and lace.

  2. George

    I’m with Speearr, except for me it’s Bath and Body Works. :)

  3. Bearman

    Hey look! He is wearing a Bear-Man tshirt!!

  4. Nate Fakes

    I hate those cutie-woopsy websites for kids! I can only look at the screen for a brief moment until I puke

  5. Chris

    speearr: Potpourri is what was actually inside the Ark, you know.
    George: So you’re saying you don’t try the free samples?
    Bearman: I didn’t think of that. Free advertising for Bearman! :)
    Nate: It gets worse when you realize it’s not actually for kids…

  6. John k

    Oooooo, pretty!

  7. Glen

    You have no idea how relieved I am that this web site doesn’t really exist.

  8. SpilledInkGuy

    So glad I wasn’t the only one who gave that URL a try! :)

  9. Chris

    John: I was hoping the kitten heads would really sell the panel. :)
    Glen: I’ve been afraid to check, myself.
    Spilled Ink: Glen can be our official fake website poison taster :)

  10. dgriff13


    great last panel.

  11. Chris

    Anytime I can sear out your optic nerves, just let me know!

  12. MIC Rulz

    You know, Chris, maybe you should register that. Setup something fake but advertise this site with it. Sell Odori Park theme’d pink kitten shirts or something.

  13. qka

    Her sister probably has an Itty Bitty Cutey Kitty co-branded credit card.

    (True -> Hello Kitty credit cards do exist, at least in Hong Kong)

  14. Chris

    MIC: Hrmmm…
    qka: Oh, I can believe it. Sanrio has their paws in everything :) Welcome, btw, qka!

  15. alecho

    Haha, like the Pink color in the final panel, cool effect. Hey, isn’t that a Totoro T-shirt?

  16. Chris

    Almost, alecho. Let’s call it a Beartoro. :)

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    [...] Saccharintastic - One of the few strips with color after my initial run of syndicate submission strips. I felt it needed the color to sell the gag. Being in grayscale the first two panels gives it even more punch. [...]

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