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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Movie Night
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  1. speearr

    Miyazaki is AWESOME!

  2. Nate Fakes

    Romance movies in cartoon form are the best. The rest are chick flicks, that make me puke!

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    Ahhh … duly noted! :)

  4. Chris

    speearr: 100% agree. Someday I’d love to tour the Ghibli studio. They make magic there.
    Nate: Date night must be fun :)
    Spilled Ink: I live to serve!

  5. dgriff13

    romance, shmomance. Last good anniversary/V-day gifts I got were sports jerseys, video games and the Mac Tiger OS update.

  6. Chris

    One couple’s romance is another’s “huh?” :)

  7. Bearman

    Watching wrestling has someone turned into a romantic night here.

    BTW…you have now reached the correct number of comments on my blog that I have officially added Odori park to my blog roll..

  8. George

    I kinda almost knew that, but let me write that down. :)

  9. Chris

    Bearman: Thanks! I appreciate it! (I’m sure, btw, wrestling is romantic for lots of people…)
    George: My work here is done.

  10. AnimeFan18

    Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away were the best movies ever thanks chris.

  11. alecho

    I like Totoro :) Saw it couple months ago with my gf. Fun night

  12. Ethalina

    Aww, Colin’s sweet. And you actually drew Totoro on the tape case thing! Awesome job!

  13. Edohiguma

    Good romance movies are so hard to find. Most are, as some said, chick flicks aimed to exploit cheap emotions for profit.

    Also, Totoro is for the win.

  14. ExPaladin

    Spirited Away! :)

  15. Charlie Spencer

    “Spirited Away” must have lost something in translation. It was lovely, but I spent most of it questioning why the characters made the choices they did. I was particularly baffled by the parents in the first ten minutes.

  16. Chris

    I tend to think the parents were kind of overcome by the “spell” of the place and the food–something the more innocent Chihiro could naturally resist–which, to me at least, explains their behavior.

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