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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: The Best Policy
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  1. Paoken

    It’s been a while since I literally laughed out loud at a comic. This was great, panel three is just hilarious.

  2. George

    Fabulous! I get peeved at my wife for “confessing” when Burger King gives us an extra cup or something. She’s the most honest person I know, and I’m a cartoonist. :D

  3. Chris

    Thanks, guys. These comments made my morning :)

  4. tom galambos

    Great strip this morning. The addition of the cars into the background of panels 2 & 3 is well astute. You could have gotten away with a minimal background here but the immediacy of knowing for certain they are in the parking lot right outside the store makes the strip more pointed. Plus, doing this strip so regularly seems to be growing your drawing quite nicely, those cars are excellent.
    And I love Morgan Freeman and the Electric Company as much as anybody.

  5. KipOneil

    I always point out when they don’t ring up something…but I have on at least two occasions just ignored it when I have seen them ring me up twice for something. Minnesota nice can be a double edged sword.

  6. SpilledInkGuy

    D-oh! I totally fell for it, too (I was totally looking for the plane)! :)

  7. cr0wgrrl

    Nice expressions and poses in the third panel! Excellent work!

  8. John K

    so much for honesty!

  9. speearr


  10. Chris

    Tom: Thanks a million. I appreciate your insight. I certainly enjoy seeing what happens when I draw every day :)
    Kip: “Minnesota nice.” I’ve never heard that, but I know right away what you mean :)
    Spilled Ink: That’s great! :D
    cr0wgrrl: Thanks much!
    John: I’ve since come to the conclusion that apathy may be the real best policy, or at least, the most popular.
    speearr: You and my wife would get along swimmingly. (Although she never beats me.)

  11. AnimeFan18

    what did colin do to deserve that!? Also that looks like a good joke.

  12. alecho

    Hahaha, it takes courage to be honest ;)

  13. Edohiguma

    The perfect Gibbs slap.

  14. stjerne

    My boyfriend always does this. I got made once that he told the clerk that she forgot to ring something up. However, then he pointed out that it comes out of the poor clerks paycheck. So you are not cheating a store you hard cheating another hardworking person.

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