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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Candy
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:: Candy ::


  1. SpilledInkGuy

    A frightening scenario … put your hands where she can see them and slowly back away from the candy, Colin! :)

  2. Mike

    She’s not properly immunized to the crazed-must-continue-gorging-on-candy temporary psychosis, having not grown up in America.

  3. John K

    oh no, the dreaded candy monster!!!!

  4. George

    You’re good! I didn’t even think about that. :D

  5. dgriff13

    LOL! awesome. and so true. this is why my bag of candy for the kids was opened a week early. willpower out the window.

  6. Paul


  7. Chris

    I’m way behind on reading my comments!
    Spilled Ink: You have no idea…
    Mike: I think you’re on to something there. I’ve heard Halloween is slowly starting to gain popularity in Japan–maybe a cure is in sight.
    John: Hide your nougat!
    George: Thanks, but in this case, I just wrote what I know… What’s that honey? No, not you…
    dgriff13: Thanks :) You know what else is nice? Post-Halloween 50% off candy sales!
    Paul: Thank you!

  8. P

    When we lived in Japan we continued to celebrate Halloween and did trick or treating on the military base. I invited one of my Japanese friends to come on base with her grandchild to trick or treat with us. The little boy in our borrowed Pooh Bear costume was a little shy and scared at first, but after about 3 houses realized he was getting free candy and fell in love with the American Halloween experience. It was a joy to share it with them!

  9. AnimeFan18

    somebody doesn’t want to end the candy crave.

  10. CyberSkull

    NEVER get between mommy and her candy.

  11. alecho

    Hahahahahaha love the final panel! :)

  12. Ethalina

    And we all thought that “The Ring” story arc was over..

  13. ExPaladin

    I’ve seen the true face of terror! 8-O

  14. Dutchguy

    Sprouts costume changed, not only is the one less muscular , the lightning bolt is gone.(Now entering sarcasm mode) This minor inconsistency has completely ruined this comic for me . (Now exiting sarcasm mode)

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