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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Ring 6
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:: Ring 6 ::


  1. John k

    Now hit it with a paint can!!!

  2. Glen

    I love the ending of this movie. How their plausible theory is wrong.

  3. speearr

    Just wondering if it takes you longer to make these as compared to the regular comics? Looking mighty fine!

  4. Chris

    John: *THONK!* “Yeowtch!”
    Glen: The plausible theory is even more plausible, as I understand it, in Japan, where respect for the remains is extra important. Fun bit of trivia: In a TV serial version of the story, they changed the rules so that you had to show two people, meaning that if the curse weren’t stopped, a quarter of the world’s population would ultimately die. :D
    speearr: It’s taking about equally long. I actually thought it might be a bit faster, due to a little less precision needed in the inks, but it all comes out about even in the end. Thanks! :)

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Hominah Hominah! And Yowza! :)

  6. Chris

    I wish it were easy to spell that sound Bud Costello makes when he’s encountering one of the Universal monsters…

  7. George

    Hahaha! I love the hominas! :)

  8. tom galambos

    These strips have been beautiful to look at, although I admit the content is a little lost on me, I don’t know anything about “The Ring”. Is this something you had in the works to align with Halloween? It makes sense.

  9. David

    Junior to the rescue!

  10. Chris

    George: “Hominah” is a tragically underused word. Like “zounds.” :)
    Tom: Thanks for the compliment! Yep, this parody is my Halloween fun for the year.
    David: I’ll *splat* him!

  11. alecho

    Hahaha, at the end Home Alone wins! :)

  12. suba suba

    Thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website genuinely stands out.

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