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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Ring 5
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:: Ring 5 ::


  1. Spencey

    Haha! I love how poor logic is given as ‘the reason’. Brilliant stuff!

  2. John k

    Oh SNAP!

  3. Chris

    Spencey: I tend to think this is the reason for a lot of things in life. Most of the time we’re just less honest about it :)
    John: Zing!

  4. David

    Awesome art, Chris. Cool storyline, too!

  5. D. Long

    I’ll second the “Awesome art” sentiment. Thoroughly enjoying the line art here.

  6. Chris

    Thank you, both! I think I like how this one came out.

  7. George

    I think she ordered her “dead head” from the same place Hank got his. :) You’re doing a great job on the art and story for this arc. :)

  8. Chris

    Thanks, George! I don’t know, though–Hank’s head was a far cry juicier… Maybe mine just aren’t fresh enough. (Anybody remember the old shrunken apple heads?)

  9. dgriff13

    Logic?? who needs logic in a horror movie??? please.

  10. wit

    Love the look of this strip. Good stuff.

  11. Chris

    dgriff: True, true. At least nobody went in a basement alone in this film.
    wit: Thanks a bunch, and thanks for stopping by!

  12. speearr

    O wow….. Do you know how creepy the 3rd panel is? Nice lighting effects by the way, and look at that shading on the well’s interior wall!

  13. Nate Fakes

    Oouch! Well, I’ve heard worse statements from a few ex’s before, but that’s pretty harsh! Love the line work you have going on in this! A nice “Halloween-ish” touch :)

  14. Chris

    Thanks, guys!
    speearr: It’s even creepier in the movie, where she really gives the slimy skull a good fondling. :)
    Nate: Plus side: how many times have you wished you could toss an ex down a well? (Just me?)

  15. Mike

    Actually, that was one of my favorite parts of the movie. It wasn’t the movie that didn’t make sense, it was the character’s plan. In a normal horror movie, whatever cockamamie plan the characters come up with would have worked. In The Ring, they came up with a plausible plan (for the horror genre) and lo and behold, Samarra was like, “WTF do think this is, A Wrinkle In Time?” hehe.

  16. Mike

    Oh, and it’s my second favorite horror movie of all time - great choice! Only Alien is better, IMO.

  17. Chris

    I agree, Mike, on both fronts. Although I think Alien and Ring are apples and oranges enough to share the pedestal in my museum :)

  18. alecho

    This comic is bringing back me memories from Ring… and now I peed in my pants. Thanks…

  19. Chris

    We aim to please!

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