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Just a heads-up for those interested in such things:
This Friday (10/30, Halloween Eve, as it were), I’ll be posting my 100th Odori Park strip!

I’m pretty psyched. Please do feel free to spread the word, if you’re so inclined! I’ll be very grateful.

I plan to celebrate by continuing to draw comics.
Also, short term, I may sleep.


  1. oghme comics

    Hi !
    This is a milestone in your outstanding work. Congrats :) We wish you (and us readers) several hundreds more !

  2. Chris

    Thank you very much! That’s quite a compliment, considering the high quality of your work!

  3. Whitey

    Wow, congratulations!

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    Ouch! That’s quite a zinger in panel 3!

    Congrats on No. 100 - looking forward to/ hoping for hundreds more! :)

  5. David

    Chris, this is great! First congratulations on #100, and secondly I really dig the spooky style. It reminds me of those Creepy magazines. Even with the skulls around the strip.

  6. Chris

    Thanks for the congrats, guys!
    Glad you’re digging these Ring strips, btw. Isn’t often I’ll get to draw skulls in my strip, so I’m milking the opportunity.

  7. speearr

    Wait, what? How did this happen? 100? That’s fast!

  8. Chris

    And how! Surprised me too, speearr.

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