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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Ring 2
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:: Ring 2 ::


  1. speearr

    You got me in Panel 2! You really really did! It sounds like a line right out from Scary Movie. Also: uh-oh, creepy hands on the sofa back.

    I’m really digging this loose, sketchy style.

  2. Chris

    Awesome! Thanks for the warm fuzzy (or cold creepy), speearr.
    PS: She’s like Kilroy, she’s everywhere!

  3. George

    You’re quite the funny dude, Chris. And the art is looking even better!

  4. John K

    NICE second panel!!

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    No - but I’m pretty sure that my refrigerator is running! ;)

  6. David

    WOW! I am blown away. Beautiful. By the way, I had to rent the Ring but haven’t watched it yet.

  7. Chris

    George: Thanks! High praise :D
    John: Thank you!
    SpilledInk: Well, that’s good, ’cause your food won’t spoil… I mean… you better go catch it!
    David: Thanks! And enjoy the movie :D Love to hear what you think after you see it.

  8. Michelle

    This is awesome work, Chris! I’m in awe.

  9. Chris

    I appreciate that, Michelle. Thanks :)

  10. Jake

    Heh, cabin B4. Shades of “Whos on first?”

    Subtle for a first panel. :)

  11. Chris

    :) Actually, I can’t claim credit (or blame) for any pun in the first panel. B4 is the number of the cabin in the movie. I was actually playing with the trope of haunted cabins in horror films (anybody catch the chainsaw hand?) :)

  12. alecho

    Really like this new style of art.

  13. Chris

    Thanks! I’m thinking of bringing it back for part of the 2011 Halloween arc. We’ll see!

  14. Ethalina

    i was like, “Chainsaw Hand?” -then- “Whoah! Chainsaw Hand!”

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