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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Ring 1
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  1. Michelle

    Well done, Chris. Did you use a ink pen to draw this comic? I’m amazed at your artwork.

  2. Whitey

    OH! Is this why you were talking about ball point pens on Twitter??? I love it. Seriously; gives it a really interesting look.

  3. Chris

    Thanks, guys! I’d long thought that, if I ever did a horror story, ballpoint pen might be the best weapon of choice. In that respect, this is sort of an experiment in tools :)

  4. Nate Fakes

    Turned out great! Reminds me of a scratchy horror movie (video production, that is).

  5. Chris

    Thanks, Nate! (See, I thought you were referring to the 1950s horror classic, “The Night of the Scratcher.”)

  6. John k

    The inks on this one is inspired Chris, can’t wait to see what you do next!

  7. George

    Great pen and ink art, Chris! That’s awesome.

  8. SpilledInkGuy

    Love the hatching! Sets the tone so well (I’ll have to sleep with the light on tonight)! :)

  9. dgriff13

    LOL, awesome. The stylistic change works very well with this topic.

  10. Dave

    This looks great!

  11. speearr

    Excellent! And creepy. And in time for Halloween….

  12. Chris

    The day job again consumes my soul and free time, like an extra-spicy taco. Sorry to be lame on replies here :)
    Thanks for the kind words about the art! Glad the effect is working.
    Now, I just hope it’s funny ;) (Doing my best to channel a Mad Magazine movie parody vibe…)

  13. Paul

    I love, LOVE the line work on this!!

  14. Chris

    Thanks, Paul! I’m having fun with the experiment.

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  19. alecho

    Nicely done reinterpertation!

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