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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Technique
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:: Technique ::


  1. Spencey

    Non-sequitur attack! Sorry, false alarm. ***Penguin shavings*** Oh, a sneak attack!

  2. Chris

    LOL. No fair using it against me! Welcome, btw, Spencey!

  3. Glen

    LOL. I’ll need to remember that for when I have kids.

  4. David

    Curious George strikes again!

  5. John k

    Hehe…. Nice.

  6. George

    Hahaha! I like that. My answers to “Why?” always get goofy and inter-galactic, too. If you can’t supply a plethora of valid answers, just confound them.

  7. Chris

    Thanks, folks :)
    You have to have a variety of counter-attacks in your pocket. Over-explanation is another trick that sometimes works… :)

  8. Barry Buchanan

    Wow, too close to home. The whys never stop do they? I don’t like it but my fall back increasingly seems to be “because!” This is the first time discovering your site. Your comic is sooo good, I may hate you, nothing personal. :)

  9. dgriff13

    I remember a “For Better or For Worse” comic where a little one was doing the same “why-game”, and the mother finally responded with “Because elephants have flat feet”, which sufficed. It was cute, but of course yours is funnier. Non-sequitar attack! LOL

  10. SpilledInkGuy

    But why?! ;)

  11. Chris

    Thanks, Barry, and welcome! I’m flattered :) I think the “whys” stop just in time for the “are we there yets” and “he hit me firsts” to start…
    Thank you, too, dgriff13. Take that, Lynn Johnston! ;)
    SpilledInk: “It’s because elephants have flat feet.”

  12. Nate Fakes

    The “Why” game never worked for me. I usually just thought the answer was the silent treatment. Nice one! :)

  13. speearr

    You need to pop out another kid and let them pester each other.

  14. Chris

    Nate: Thanks! There’s another technique for you :)
    speearr: Hah! Well, we’ve got a 4yo and a 1.5 month old baby now, so in just a little more time, they’ll be all over each other :D

  15. Glen

    In my psych class, we were taught that the right response to the “Why” game is to ask them why they think it is. That’s what I plan to do.

  16. Glen

    Okay, maybe not “right” response but it’s a good way to stop the game. I’ve used it on a stranger on a subway before and it worked great. He asked why I had specific details in my costume (it was Halloween by the way) so I asked him why he thought they were there. I don’t remember his response but it worked.

  17. Chris

    I like to use the “why do you think” response, but to be honest, most of the time these days our Sprout just turns it into the “I don’t know” game (or as he’s been known to say: “I can’t even guess!”)

  18. The CronoLink

    Curious Geroge? That’s a full blown Mandy from Animaniacs!

  19. Sparks

    My friends and I actually have particular personal non-sequiturs we each use for precisely this purpose (albeit the questioner is often rather older than Sprout). My best friend uses ‘Potato.’ Me? I prefer ‘Aardvark.’

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