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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Mugged
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  2. Bob

    Love it! Thanks, Chris!!! :-)

  3. David

    Ha! This has happened to me a bunch of times! And I can say I may have done the same from time to time when cleaning. :)

  4. John K

    this is a daily battle in my house, except instead of a coffee cup, its everything I own ;)

  5. David

    oooh…now how did that get in there…? :)

  6. Chris

    It’s easier to purge when the purged isn’t your own :) Btw, John, a sympathetic LOL to you.

  7. George

    Great! Our wives think a lot alike. At least, now I know where to find my favorite shirt. :)

  8. dgriff13

    I take it he’ll be doing the organizing from now on. ;0)

  9. speearr

    That’s a very wife thing to do. Keen observational skills there, Chris!

    Oh and my mum has a cabinet full of free mugs like that too. Gets one with every pack of Vitamin C.

  10. SpilledInkGuy

    It must be a law of physics - stuff to be stored increases proportionately to available cabinet space … or … something like that. :)

  11. Chris

    George: Hope you get there before the garbage man does! :)
    dgriff13: Maybe, but that would be like a predator encroaching on another’s territory. There may be bloodshed, or at least a lot of snarling.
    speearr: A free mug with every pack of Vitamin C? That actually sounds like a pretty good deal, but I don’t see the marketing connection :) (Props for the observational skills go to my old friend Bob Brown, who gave me the idea for today’s strip.)
    SpilledInk: No kidding! The same rule applies to time and budgets. I think the key is to get everything you can squeezed in during the interval between space expanding and stuff expanding.

  12. speearr

    Each mug is embellished with a giant C. ‘Nuff said.

  13. The CronoLink

    Wives are always against men’s stuff!

  14. Chris

    Except when men are against their wives’ stuff ;)

  15. The CronoLink

    “Except when men are against their wives’ stuff ”

    In which case then wives are FOR men’s stuff? Stop messing with my brain!

  16. alecho

    Hahahahahaha, simply funny :)

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