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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: The New Math
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  1. Glen

    I’m laughing too hard to write this comment.

  2. David

    He may have trouble counting, but he’s got an imagination–he’s invented a new number!

  3. Chris

    Our son’s favorite number is “eleven-sixty-leven.” Just for the record.

  4. George

    Messin’ with kids’ minds is so much fun. :D

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Don’t mess with 11 … or … something like that! ;)

  6. John K

    I really love your line work, I’m sorry to be so direct, but it is just SOOO good!!!

  7. Chris

    George: I’ve heard they get payback when you’re old and decrepit in a nursing home…
    Spilled Ink: Hah! The new slogan.
    John: Thanks! Any time you want to come by and stroke my fragile ego, don’t feel you have to apologize :D

  8. speearr

    Looks neat Chris. Real idyllic. Don’t know how you have time for this in real life and cartooning. Lol…

  9. Bo Lumpkin

    Awesome strip. I just discovered it. If he never learns to count any better than that he can still work retail. The registers tell you how much change to give.

  10. Chris

    speearr: Thanks, but it should be noted, the location is one of the fictional aspects of this strip ;)
    Bo: Welcome! Thanks for coming by and the kind words. As for retail, I think you’re right, although I’ve encountered some cashiers who could still use a primer on reading numbers…

  11. The CronoLink

    Despite empirical evidence, Texas is always bigger than anything.

  12. Chris

    It’s all about attitude.

  13. SilverLining

    Oh man, this is just great. This archive as way too good procrastination-material! Fantastic.

  14. alecho

    Haha, I like Arisa’s optimistic view :)

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