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In honor of the horrid season of Halloween, I thought I’d give you a peek into the world of Japanese monsters. Or, rather, I’ll give you a link to one of my favorite sites, the Obakemono Project, where you can study up on these occult secrets. Barring ill fate, I’ll aim to post one of these monster links every week this month.

Today, I’d like you to meet the most common of Japanese creeps: the kappa. Kappa figure so much in Japanese folklore that you continue to see them in popular culture today, and anyone who loves sushi has undoubtedly had kappa-maki, a non-fish sushi roll made from the kappa’s favorite snack food: cucumbers. (Beware to those who click, even I was surprised to learn that kappa also love to eat something far more repulsive than cucumbers, so be cautious if you’re squeamish.)

Now, go study up, and watch your step at the river bank.

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