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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Social Logic
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Art Note: The original version of this strip had suffered in quality from a variety of missing equipment and a tight deadline. I’ve since re-inked the strip to resolve the problems it posed re: consistency with the other strips in the archive, and you’ll now see this updated version above. (So, in other words, if you saw this comic before, and could have sworn it looked a little different, you’re not wrong–it did!)


  1. David

    Oh man, that’s a great opening line!

  2. Chris

    Thanks, David. I can’t take credit. This is one of those semi-autobio strips where I just copy something my son said :)

  3. John k

    Kids just rock!

  4. Nate Fakes

    Kids - always so optimistic! Nicely done.

  5. Chris

    Thanks, guys. My son is a constant source of inspiration. :)

  6. SpilledInkGuy

    Adorable! And I love the clouds - they capture the mood of this strip so well! :)

  7. speearr

    This would not work if they were both 18. Too bad…

    Hey nice oriental-style clouds!

  8. Chris

    Thanks! You know, I didn’t consider the clouds as oriental-style. I just like curly-spiral clouds :) But now that you mention it, I can see it. Unconscious influence, I wonder. Glad you dig ‘em!

  9. Michelle

    Aww.Too cute.

  10. Chris

    Thanks, Michelle :)

  11. The CronoLink

    Hmmm. Is Sprout’s design sightly different?

  12. Chris

    I’m still nailing down his profile. Also, his head size tends to inadvertantly fluctuate. Must be all the helium they feed him :) Thanks for catching that.

  13. adriana

    Aww love it!

  14. Chris


  15. The Jester


  16. Chris


  17. M.Carroll

    Ah the lovely logic of children if only the whole world worked on it.

  18. Vicky

    Those were the days. I wish people still made friends as easily; the world would probably be a far better place.

  19. alecho

    I should try that too, hopefully it’ll make more friends ;)

  20. Mr.M7

    Sprout, you playah.


    My daughter is just like this. Will go up to anyone and ask to be friends, and it often works!

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