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Monday’s mega-strip marked the end of the longest storyline I’ve done to date in Odori Park. Thanks to all of you who came along with me over the past two+ months through this extended flashback. Now that it’s over, I’m keen to hear what your reactions are to such a long story arc. As a whole, did you enjoy it? Did you miss certain characters who didn’t take part, or love/hate new ones I introduced? Did you think it was overlong, just right, or that it ended too soon?

Among the first overall comments I’ve heard is that I should “get back to Sprout. He’s funny.” :) (Sprout returns tomorrow, incidentally, and will be making several appearances over the next couple weeks.)

What else?


  1. George

    I liked the long storyline. You told the tale in a manner where it didn’t seem to drag on at all. Any and all of your characters can carry the torch, so I don’t feel that anything was being neglected.

  2. Chris

    Thanks, George! I’m really glad it didn’t seem tedious to you. I’m looking forward to doing more longer storylines down the road.

  3. qka

    The long storyline works for me. For me, the thing in a comic is the story and the humor. While the art is important, good story will carry bad art- but not the opposite.

    I have you in my RSS list. I’ve been coming for a few weeks, and will continue to come back.

  4. Whitey

    I liked it, but I think maybe it was a little long. Maybe. Keep in mind this is coming from a guy doing a serialized/long-form webcomic, though, so I could be contradicting myself. ButI wonder if new readers might have been confused, not knowing they were jumping into the middle of a storyline… and a flash-back at that. Overall, though, I liked it. The big mega-strip was a nice wrap-up too, bringing it back to the present.

  5. Chris

    That’s great feedback. Thank you, both.
    And thanks for coming to visit, qka!
    Whitey, good thoughts. Raises a question:
    In newspapers, when a cartoonist does a story arc, they usually have to recap the story in the first panel, in one form or another, for the benefit of new readers. One of the advantages of comics on a Web site (to my mind) is that the archive is always readily available, so you can free yourself from the recap requirement. I’ve seen Web-toonists handle this both ways.
    Any thoughts?

  6. Whitey

    Hmmm, you’re right. It’s pretty easy to dive into the archives if you want to know more. As long as the strip doesn’t leave the new reader so confused he doesn’t even want to know more. I think you did pretty good at avoiding that, though.

  7. Chris

    Thanks, Whitey. For me, personally, archive issues aside, even though I enjoyed the storyline, it felt a little long, and I think that comes down solely to the fact that I post thrice weekly, not five times a week. Not that I’m ready to ramp up to 5x, mind you :)

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