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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Chaztermath
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  1. Nate Fakes

    Jell-o shot, anyone?

  2. David

    “Like bad gas”…funny!

  3. Chris


  4. John k

    The first panel is wonderful, and this is a great wrap to the story!

  5. George

    I love this super-sized finale! I can tell that it was hard work, but it paid off.

  6. cr0wgrrl

    Hooray! The kitties are safe!

  7. Chris

    Glad you guys liked this wrap-up! It was fun to do. (And I’d never hurt defenseless kitties, cr0wgrrl) :)

  8. SpilledInkGuy

    Is that a cream-cycle over there? Can I get dibs on that? :)

  9. Chris

    Could be, Spilled Ink, but just looks like a few scoops of rocky road to me… ;)

  10. speearr

    Super-awesome grand-finale to the storyline Chris! That’s a very nicely-detailed 1st panel, especially the ice-cream truck.

    I don’t quite get how the accident happened, though… from the skidmarks, it looks like Chaz was on the right side of the road, so I’m guessing the truck was parked and he didn’t see it and swerved at the last minute? But it looks like the truck’s the wrong way on the opposite lane, and it’s backed into the utility pole? And the signpost at the back is still straight, how’d it get uprooted? Or maybe he swerved to avoid the guy with the kitties and the oncoming truck spun while braking hard. But what’s with the uprooted bench??

    Something tells me this scene was a setup, Chris…. very fishy LOL!

  11. Chris

    LOL. Chaz was framed!
    All I’ll say is that my next major disaster scene will be more carefully mapped out :)
    Thanks for the compliments, speearr! Really glad you dug the finale.

  12. Odori Park » Archive » The Long Goodbye :: A webcomic comedy of culture shock in love, life, and family, by Chris Watkins ::

    [...] Monday’s mega-strip marked the end of the longest storyline I’ve done to date in Odori Park. Thanks to all of you who came along with me over the past two+ months through this extended flashback. Now that it’s over, I’m keen to hear what your reactions are to such a long story arc. As a whole, did you enjoy it? Did you miss certain characters who didn’t take part, or love/hate new ones I introduced? Did you think it was overlong, just right, or that it ended too soon? [...]

  13. Michelle

    Great conclusion, Chris. I enjoyed it.

  14. Chris

    Thanks, Michelle!

  15. The CronoLink

    Oh, God, Rube Goldberg….

  16. alecho

    Ohhh… the vilest Jell-o is back ;)

  17. suba suba

    This blog is really cool additionally diverting. I have found helluva helpful things out of it. I ad love to return over and over again. Thanks a bunch!

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