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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Don’t Drive Angry
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  1. John k

    I assume that the horses don’t go up and down on the impotence carousel. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.)

  2. Chris

    How good of you to rise to the occasion, John.

  3. David

    Colin’s smart to keep an eye on Chaz. He’s a sneaky bugger…

  4. Chris

    He’s so sneaky, even he doesn’t know what he’s up to ;)

  5. George

    I guess Chaz will have to just sit in the parking lot and pout. :)

  6. Chris


  7. dgriff13

    LOL, I remember doing that after fighting with my parents.. and my friends weren’t home.

  8. SpilledInkGuy

    Maybe someone else beat Chaz to the “reserved for jerk” parking spot … he might have to give up and double park! :)

  9. Chris

    Hopefully you got to park sometime, Dawn. And not in the “reserved for jerk” spot, of course :)

  10. speearr

    Ooo-kaaay… that’s awkward. No cool exit for Chaz. What the heck’s an impotence carousel? It’s got such a …. ‘buzzword’ feel about it. Maybe it’ll be the next hot term bandied around Hollywood. Like ‘wardrobe malfunction’, only this would refer to Hugh Hefner types going round taking chicks for a really, really, really dull ride with no ‘action’.

  11. Chris

    It’s not over ’til it’s over, speearr ;)

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