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I was asked to provide the cover artwork for the month of September over at ComixTalk.com. I took the opportunity to do something a little more artsy fartsy than my norm. Please take a gander and let me know what you think! (Not sure, btw, if the cover is due to be posted immediately at the stroke of midnight on September first, or some time later in the week, so if you don’t see Odori Park characters in the top banner, please try back again in a day or two.)

Update: As Xaviar Xerexes kindly pointed out in the comments, the cover is up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Xaviar!


  1. xerexes

    Chris’ cover art is up at comixtalk.com. Be sure to click the “view entire cover button” on the image to see the whole thing!

  2. Michelle

    That cover is awesome. Great job, Chris! How I long for the day that Xavier asks me to do a cover.

  3. Chris

    Thanks, Michelle!
    I was definitely pleasantly surprised by Xaviar’s request.

  4. Markus

    you caught me there off guarded. That is definitely a great cover. A Very good job indeed :)


  5. speearr

    That is one incredible piece of art Chris! The concept, the composition, the linework and the colours are all top-notch. And so detailed, even Arisa’s sweater has sweater-patterns. ;)

  6. Chris

    Thanks, Markus and speearr! Really glad you liked it–it was fun to do!

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