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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Work Experience
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  1. Nate Fakes

    Ikea - that place….I swear, the designers are geniuses! I went in there, and was stuck for an hour because I couldn’t find my way out! No - I didn’t buy any of their Sven Bookcase’s or anything.

  2. John K

    Freakin Ikea snob!

  3. George

    Sounds like a new hire to me. I never would’ve noticed that Ingrid shelf myself.

  4. Dave

    Ah, the joys of retail…

  5. Chris Watkins

    Just have to say, you guys are awesome :)

  6. speearr

    Gotta love em Ingrid shelves. I’ve got an Allak swivel chair myself, they’re pretty neat. Can’t remember my desk’s name, though. I’ll go reintroduce myself later. Finally, Chaz!

  7. Chris

    I’ve never owned a piece of Ikea furniture myself, but I’ve always wondered why they’re given proper names. Somehow, it seems a little creepy…

  8. Michelle

    My city doesn’t have an Ikea :( Just a Bath and Beyond. I haven’t visit yet.

  9. Chris

    It’s funny that you wrote “Bath and Beyond,” Michelle. I can imagine a gag where the punchline is: “We’re too small to rate all three. We just get the Bath and the Beyond.” :)

  10. Michelle

    Hahaha! That’s hilarious!

  11. speearr

    I think Ikea’s founder was dyslexic, so he couldn’t deal with giving his products long codes and serial numbers and gave them names instead.

  12. Chris

    Really, speearr? I don’t know if you’re kidding or serious, because that actually makes a lot of sense…

  13. alecho

    Even with the best instructions I still get Ikea’s furniture upside down. So, here is Chaz :)

  14. Ethalina

    (read in a deep, reminiscing voice & squinted eyes) “Chazz….”
    He looks like a nice person though. It’s just that in the 2nd & 3rd panel, he looks way to pleased with himself.

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