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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Enter Chaz
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  1. Scott Gallatin

    I’d keep that door chime.

  2. Chris Watkins

    You know what, Scott. So would I. In fact, I’d probably make it my first choice.

  3. Dave

    Gotta love the classic “Dun dun duuuun!”

  4. Chris

    Thanks for stopping by, Dave!
    I love that “dun-dun-duuun” is one of the few “songs” you can communicate in words alone :)

  5. Michelle

    Heh. That’s a cool door chime. I want one.

  6. George

    Add my vote for the door chime. That was pretty cool!

  7. John K

    I love door chimes like that!

  8. Chris

    Wow, this door chime seems pretty popular! I should get in the Halloween novelty market :)

  9. alecho

    Hahaha, love the 2nd panel :)

  10. Ethalina

    Heck, not only would I keep it, I’d probably buy a second one for the bathroom.

  11. Kevin

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