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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Eye Of The Tiger
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  1. John K

    game on!

  2. Nate Fakes

    That’s funny! So many people in management or “high” end jobs have the worse slang than the guy living in the alley downtown.

  3. George

    I love and totally respect her perseverance. :) You’re a lucky man, man.

  4. Chris

    You have to admit, we’ve got a complicated language :)

  5. CronoLink

    Which is why english philologists spin wildly in their graves.

  6. Chris

    What does the study of Phil Collins have to do with it? ;)

  7. Bob

    “Make me a website. Make me a sammich. Same thing!!”

  8. Chris

    Hah! “My daughter told me we should have a website, so…”

  9. alecho

    You go girl! That’s the spirit! :)

  10. stjerne

    English is a b$tard language. English follows other languages down dark alleys and hits them over the head looking through their pockets for loose and broken grammar.
    English steals words from other languages. Not borrows, Steals outright unashamed.

    For instance, Tycoon and Typhoon are Japanese. The days of the week are a Germanic mix.
    Thursday, is actually Thor’s Day. Friday is Frey’s Day etc.

    Tattoo and Taboo come from Polynesia (Hawaii, Tahiti and there is another that I am forgetting). Ok yes, Hawaii is part of the United States but they speak their own language similar to the Cajun or Creole in New Orleans.

    There are so many more borrow words like all the curse words and I mean all of them, even the F one is Germanic not French.

    History of the F word, if you have head phones it is Safe for work

  11. stjerne

    OOPS forgot Youtube link

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