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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Big Day
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  1. Nate Fakes

    I’d be more depressed on how much I got. That’s the way I’ve been at a day job at least.

  2. John K

    I would frankly be depressed by that guy in general, all reeking of cheap cologne and having brass belt buckles. (btw, you painted quite a picture for me.)

  3. Chris

    And to think, Nate, of all the tings a person could be filling their head with. It’s painful.

    John, you have no idea how please I am to read that you could smell the cologne through the screen. That’s exactly what I was going for! :)

  4. Bearman

    Need to actually make that mug…it would be a huge hit.

  5. David

    The animal tie! It only goes to show that the higher up you feel in your job the more comfortable you feel wearing silly ties. Although I must say that wearing a flaming tiger tie or a spooky wolf tie really does transport one to another, albeit simpler time.

  6. speearr

    That mug is so appropriate. I mean, if you’re the best slacker, aren’t you trying a bit too hard? Shouldn’t you be slacking a bit less? Or more? I don’t know. “World’s Best Slacker” is a paradox.

  7. Chris

    In my experience, David, there are people who wear animal ties because they like them, and people who wear animal ties because they think it shows their “wacky fun-loving” side. Novelty ties are a double-edged sword! :D

    Bearman & speearr, thanks for the comments. Just what I was thinking. :) Maybe I’ll make a mug like this one of my first products, when the time comes. (Don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but I’ll definitely be on the look-out for good manufacturing options… Suggestions always welcome :) )

  8. Chris

    That was too many smilies for one post. Looks like the Joker left a comment.

  9. alecho

    Fish tie… nice ;)

  10. Ethalina

    yeah.. I’m confused by what I didn’t get.

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