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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Ooh, Photos
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  1. George

    Joe Mullet? Hee-hee….I love your backgrounds and interior design sense. Wish I had the courage to incorporate more of that into my stuff.

  2. Chris

    I appreciate that, George! I often regret the backgrounds I do for how much time they consume, but I find things feel empty when I don’t have them. I need to strike a good balance! I started to go a bit overboard with this and the next few strips to follow :)

  3. speearr

    I think the backgrounds really create a great atmosphere, and you execute them so well. I also agree that finding a balance is hard….

  4. Chris

    That’s high praise, speearr, considering how well you handle backgrounds!

  5. John K

    trendy hairstyles are the reason I dont like pictures taken of me.

  6. Nate Fakes

    I had some great hair styles back in high school. Aaa - long hair of the 90’s. Yea, I hid those albums!

  7. Chris

    The king of mullets: The mull-perm. On a guy. What was up with that? That’s like… the ascot of the nineties.

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  9. alecho

    When I was living in Korea, McGuiver was a hit. EVERY kid had a mullet. It was a cool thing to do ;)

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