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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Utility
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  1. Tom Galambos

    Good strip today. I like the pasted background in each panel. I imagine that saved a bit of time? Did you get in under 2.5 hours?

  2. Nate Fakes

    Japanese isnt’ something I think I could pick up on easily at all! I can’t even understand the menu at the local sushi place.

  3. Chris

    Thanks, Tom! Glad you dig the backgrounds, too. They’re not pasted, per se, but hand-drawn in brown. So it didn’t really save any time :) I cannot break that 2.5 hr wall (last night’s took the same amount of time). I think I’m realizing that if I want to break that ceiling, it may require less precise linework.

    Nate, I empathize. In truth, imho, spoken Japanese isn’t that hard–the grammar is consistent and clear, as is pronunciation–but the written language is a bear :)

  4. Eva


  5. Bearman

    I just tend to do toons with as little backgrounds as possible. Love seeing those who do them well.

  6. George

    I totally love your punchlines!

    That’s probably the only way I could learn Japanese either. And I would most likely be a grandfather before I got a hang of the language. :)

  7. Chris

    Thanks, guys!
    Hey, Bearman, zero scenery worked for Shakespeare, right? :)

  8. John K

    I have to say, your backgrounds are freakin amazing… (I think I said it before) and I am WAY glad you do them!

  9. Chris

    That’s awfully nice, John.
    I’ve found a lot of inspiration in the way Scott Kurtz has developed his backgrounds over the past couple years. Someday I’d like to get into more painterly-type cartooning, like what Mike Krahulik’s been doing lately with his children’s book inspired artwork. Another recent fave of mine: Dead Winter.

  10. speearr

    Hehehe should have seen that punchline coming…

  11. adriana

    Ha!! I love this one!!

  12. Chris

    Thanks. :) It’s one of my favorites, too.

  13. alecho

    I’m sure it is Love ;) Japanese is really not too bad. I’ve mastered it after playing hours of video games… ;)

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