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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Web Savvy
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:: Web Savvy ::


  1. George

    I tried that when I began constructing my site. Too bad Comicpress doesn’t work like that. Good strip!

  2. Chris

    You may just have needed to add more virgin lamb’s blood…
    Thanks :)

  3. Nate Fakes

    I’m not anxious to dive into that territory, but at some point I’ll be setting up a little store. Probably will be about as high tech as a lemonade stand.

  4. Chris

    As a low-key starter, I had a good experience with PayPal buy buttons on a past site. PayPal manages the shopping cart, you create the store pages and just paste in some HTML snippets they provide. Very simple, and I’ll probably start this way again when the time comes with this site, unless I come across something better in the interim.

  5. cronolink

    Is that like a Cthulhu god or something?

  6. speearr

    OMG the 2nd panel was hilarious!

  7. Chris

    Thanks, Speearr :) Yep, Cronolink. I originally penned it as “Shub-Niggurath,” but she’s an attention hound. Yog-Sothoth needed some love.

  8. cronolink

    Funny thing it was just a random question that popped in my head (probably due to the weird pronunciation). I know CRAP about the Cthulhu mythos, except for just a bit of Cthulhu himself, so for me to realize I actually made the RIGHT question freaks the hell out of me. @_@

  9. Chris

    Perhaps you didn’t come up with that question on your own… Perhaps it was the Old Ones reaching through to this world via your mind… (Or Cheetos. Have you been eating Cheetos?)

  10. CyberSkull

    It’s a lot cheaper and less painful (no Old Ones) to hire a starving college student to do this. ;)


    “Glutinous visage” made me LOL!

    I’m new here (obviously as this is a 4 1/2 year old strip) and am loving this comic!


    (sorry, even older than that!)

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