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Last week, when posting about The Instruments Band, I promised to post this week about one of my favorite Japanese bands. Carrying the same folksy appeal in mind, I thought I’d give a brief introduction to Love Psychedelico.

The ‘Delico sound (the Japanese adore abbreviating names; someday we’ll talk about BuraPi), to me, is like the Japanese musical child of Sheryl Crow and the Woodstock experience. It’s folky-rocky, guitar-rich, and a little bit smoky. The lead singer, Kumi, has a funny way of sounding like an American singing in Japanese, but in a good way. (She spent her early childhood in the US. Thank you, Wikipedia.)

Here, check it out: Your Song, Live

What do you think?

A note on the title of this post: When working on Odori Park, I tend to wonder what an Odori Park Soundtrack might sound like. Assuming I continue to share my musings, I thought I’d throw a feature title around them. I’d love to hear your side: Does Odori Park bring any music to mind for you, as a reader?


  1. Whitey

    I LOVE Love Psychedilco!

  2. Chris

    Awesome, Whitey! I heard once that some of the bands I like are “minor.” Not sure where Delico falls on the spectrum, but I’m glad I’m not alone!

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