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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Exhausted
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:: Exhausted ::


  1. Shruti Goradia

    LOL - awesome.

  2. Chris

    Thanks! (Predicting it’ll feel less awesome when your daughter hits the same toddlerhood milestone ;)

  3. alecho

    Hahahahahaha, yeah, probably will be sent to jail, but still a good idea ;)

  4. stjerne

    Going through the archives a second time. However, something I used to do with my energetic nephew is challenge him to a foot race. I would race him back and forth and back and forth. He loved it and never caught on that I let him win or had him running around to burn off steam. His older sister caught on and realized it was mean. So I asked her, “Do you want to run with him”? Her response, “Well, no but you should”. Got to love kids.

  5. Chris

    Really glad to have you here, stjerne!
    Ah the wear-’em-out foot race! We do that too, sometimes, especially before loading them into the car so they won’t be riled up for the trip. :) I don’t think that’s mean at all, in spite of what your niece thought. Kids LOVE to run with their grown up family! Good on you for doing it :)

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