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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Slippery
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  2. speearr

    Lol! In a way, this reflects the traditional asian mantra that the western concept of bringing knives to the table is barbaric.

  3. Chris

    I hadn’t heard that one :)

  4. cronolink

    Forgot to comment on this one: so far, the best strip of this webcomic. :)

  5. Chris

    :D Thanks!

  6. cronolink

    I know it’s probably unintentional but think about it!: chopsticks for noodles are the path to the Dark Side! Chopsticks lead to anger; anger leads to hate; hate… leads to suffering… for the poor noodle bowl! Somehow I feel this strip came out of personal experience. XD

  7. Chris


  8. M.Carroll

    This is funny for me when I discovered chopsticks I practice my skill with them by eating things like Spaghetti since it can be tricky to pick up with them.

  9. Chris

    I hear you! I’ve gotten to the point now where I realize some western foods are better eaten with chopsticks. Like salads. Trying to spear hard croutons and wet lettuce seals the deal.

  10. M.Carroll

    For me it’s got to the point were i carry a set around with me in a little carrying case, order them from Jlist. My sisters finds it funny and keeps mentioning it to her friends and they find it weird and I get odd looks when I’m out and about and pull them out to eat.

  11. alecho

    Hahahahahaha, what? a Knife? Hahahaha

  12. CyberSkull

    Before I get to this point, I politely ask for a set of the plastic chop stick hinges.

  13. Chris

    M.Carroll: I’m with you! My desk drawer at the office is full of chopsticks from home…
    Alecho: Better that he stopped before the heavy artillery!
    CyberSkull: Some days I think udon requires spiked chopsticks, like snow tires…

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  15. stjerne

    Why didn’t he tip his bowl, plus the Chinese at least slurp their noodles it is easier with chopsticks.

  16. stjerne

    Very funny! Although, it made me think it was alien food that was trying to crawl away.

  17. John Richards

    Why shouldn’t you bring a knife to the table? How else are you going to keep others away from your food?

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