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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Food Love
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:: Food Love ::


  1. cronolink

    Hey, everything tastes batter with mayo! ::snicker::

  2. Chris

    I had a supervisor once who ate meatball subs with mayo. I have to be honest, though: mayo is my kryptonite.

  3. Brian

    I work at Subway, and a lot of people get meatball marinara subs with mayonnaise on them. Enough that I start to wonder if I am missing something. I’ve asked a few customers about that. One woman said that the marinara combines with the mayo to create a sort of creamy sauce. I’m not brave enough to try it myself, though.

  4. alecho

    Hahahahahaha, funny.

  5. Crash

    My favourite is still mayo with pizza.

  6. ExPaladin

    Huh. I eat liver casserole with ketchup. :P

  7. dutchguy

    Here in the Netherlands the most common way to eat fries is with mayo.

  8. Chris

    Oh, I didn’t see the conversation brewing here, but now that I do, I’m not sure my stomach will be the same… ;D

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