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To all who have found their way here to read this, the inagural blog post at OdoriPark.com: doumo arigatou. (Please note: Those making “Mr. Roboto” references will be glared at sternly. For that matter, so will anyone mentioning The Vapors.)

My natural inclination for a first post would be to say “welcome,” to describe the comic, and maybe to tell a little about myself. That, however, is the function of the About page, and I wouldn’t want said About page to feel unloved. Further, it bears noting that, after a few posts, this one will drop off the front page, and cease to be a reasonable welcome message.

That really doesn’t leave me with much to discuss. It’s probably best to let the comic do the talking, anyway. You did notice that up at the top of the home page, there, right? The webcomic about an American guy and a Japanese gal married, with a baby, and running a used bookstore? (See how discreetly I snuck those search terms in there?)

I will say that I’ve got a big bag of these strips drawn and rarin’ to be posted, so even if I drop off the face of the earth tomorrow, you should have some fun stuff to look at for a while. (Not that I’m planning on doing a virtual face plant, mind you.)

Now ready for take off…


  1. Julie

    Thought the strip was perfect for early morning reading today!

  2. Chris

    Thanks, Julie!
    I have a series of strips about coffee coming up. They should make for particularly good morning reading :)

  3. Brooke

    Not sure if you are aware, but the first batchof pages aren’t loading. It might just be for iPad users, but the new pages do seem to load all right. I’m new to your comic and would like to know how it starts out, but alas, the images won’t load :(

    By the way, I’m the reverse of these main characters: I am an American girl married to a Japanese man and livingin Tokyo :3

  4. Chris

    Belated thanks, Brooke. I checked out the earlier strips on our iPad, and my Android phone, for good measure. They loaded up, but that particular day, the server overall did seem to be running slow. I wonder if that was the trouble–please try again, if you can!
    And kudos on doing your part to reverse the stereotype ;D

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