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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Arigatou Gozaimess
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Many things to talk about! No time for formalities–here’s a run-down!

  • We have moved to our new house, and unpacking and set-up are largely complete, so now I can start focusing again on getting the Omnibus out to backers! I still have some rearrangement (and decoration) to do in the home studio, but there’s a peek below…
  • Shipping materials arrived from Uline this week, so now I have something to send out the books in!
  • The first deliveries have started! I’m planning on making book-only deliveries first, followed by Artist Editions, and then AEs with prints.
  • I’ve started working on those Artist Editions. Assuming no backers mind, I’m going to post up pics of some here, since they’re a lot of fun to draw. :)

With the house move slowing things down in the middle here, some of you may have had enough time to make moves of your own while I got my ducks lined up. Please make sure to update me via Kickstarter on any address changes I should know about!

The new studio, in progress…


I just posted this over at my Kickstarter page for the Odori Park Omnibus:

This past Monday, I greeted a welcome sight: Seven big boxes stacked up outside my house! Boxes full of the Odori Park Omnibus! I’ve moved them safely inside, and in short order, I’ll begin the work of mailing (and in some cases sketching in and mailing) them out. Then there are prints to prep and other goodies to get together. Thanks for your patience–it’s been worth it!

I mentioned house up above, which is also significant. Some of you know that my family and I have been in the process of buying and moving into our first house! We’re in now, although not all of our stuff is yet (there’s a funny little story about the moving company, a sofa, and a fire sprinkler that I won’t get into here), so the process has been a bit dragged out. But, I have a new studio in the new house, outfitted with a new desk and art board waiting for me to do some work on ‘em. I think I know what the first orders of business will be!

Speaking of work, this morning I wrapped up a guest comic for my friend Adriana Blake, who’s eagerly awaiting her own milestone to arrive. In anticipation, she’s lining up a bunch of guest art and comics. My strip should appear in August. I’m more excited for her new arrival. :)

Last bit of news, just for fun: Starting next week, every Thursday evening for the rest of July, I’ll be teaching my Cartooning and Comics class for 4th-8th graders at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. This class was a blast when I taught it over the winter, and my understanding is there’s a huge crowd of kids for this session! If you have kids (or are one), and you live in the vicinity, it’s not too late to sign up :)

So much to do!

One more thing I need to tackle soon is getting the Omnibus up for sale here on the site! In the meantime, if you’re interested in a copy right away, of course I’ll take your money you can feel free to contact me directly (you can shoot an email through the Contact page) and we can sort out the details.


As promised, here’s a peek at the printer’s proof of the Omnibus! I’m surprised, in comparison, how nicely the mock-up I printed at Staples came out :) I cut the cover out from the untrimmed proof the printer sent, and it’s nice to hold the whole thing as an assembled unit. The cover came out darker and a tad more red than I’d expected, so I’ve made some adjustments to the file, and I may request a second cover proof to verify the improvement. All in all, lookin’ good!


Recovering from the Maine Comics Arts Festival today. It was a good time! Pleasantly surprised by the number of kids there–including behind the tables. Some really talented young’uns out there! Also surprised by the number of sketches I wound up doing of Minecraft creatures. :)

The Odori Park Omnibus is at the printer as I type this, and they’re due to send me the proof today. Since I wouldn’t have the book or the proof at the show, I went to Staples, and whipped up an unbound mock-up of the book. It’s impressive how hefty 248 pages of comics at 9″x9″ really are (especially when they’re my own work)! :D Here’s a peek at the mock-up:

Now that MeCAF is out of the way, my next priorities are to get the Omnibus up for sale on the site, and to survey Kickstarter backers on their shipping addresses and other pertinent info. A big thanks to everyone who came by the table on Sunday, and to my table-pal John Forcucci, and our table neighbors, Chris and Corey.

(Did I mention I got to meet Kazu Kibuishi, Ben Hatke, Jimmy Gownley and Lincoln Pierce? ‘Cuz I did, and that was awesome. Great guest list at this show!)

:: MeCAF Map ::

The folks at the Maine Comics Arts Festival have released their floor plan for the show, and I found myself! If you would also like to find me (not yourself, as you should generally know where you are at any given time), may I suggest this handy map? (Click it to enlarge.)

I should mention I just printed up a nice stack of Surreality, Inc. mini-comics that visitors can buy, in addition to the first Odori Park collection and, of course, pre-orders for the Odori Park Omnibus! Gonna be fun.

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